Our features at a glance:

Current circumstances do not allow you to attend a local event? You don't want to lose touch with the SME community and important contacts?
Then continue to meet your customers - digitally!
Topics, products, solutions - as an international platform, we continue to offer you the stage for this. With the features Business Dating, digital Product Presentation and digital Contact Persons, we are developing the TWENTY2X website into a networking platform for you.

A professional company presentation helps you motivate potential customers to take a closer look at your company and product portfolio even before the show.

Present your corporate presentation with comprehensive information about your company, your products and your livestream program.

New: Visitors can leave a digital business card directly on your exhibitor page. All you have to do is provide an e-mail address for your company in the ECM system.

Your corporate presentation features:

  • Contact details and company logo
  • Your products and solutions
  • Company profile and factsheet
  • Company video
  • Your target industries and countries
  • Your worldwide locations
  • Your contact persons with new dialog and appointment options
  • Two languages: German and English

In these days, nothing is more important than personal interaction! At TWENTY2X 2022, for the first time you can meet visitors digitally.

Our new service "Matchmaking & Business Dating" enables visitors to publish their own profile. The advantage for you as an exhibitor: You can find visitors based on their interests, contact goals or other criteria, arrange appointments with them, and get in touch via video call.

So, go on a targeted search for suitable new customers!

Nothing is more valuable in these challenging times than personal interaction.

List your experts and contact persons on all pages of your digital presence and talk with your visitors easily via video call. New appointment scheduling options, including a convenient calendar function, are available for this purpose.

We provide you with the best possible support in identifying new business contacts with new dialog options such as Business Dating and numerous other contact options. 

Using matchmaking, you can actively identify participants via interests, contact targets or industries, and get in touch.

In addition, we use a scoring model to provide you with qualified "Added Leads" who show a high level of interest in your company and your products.

How it works:

  • We track visits to your exhibitor & product pages, videos and livestreams.
  • Using a scoring model, we identify the level of interest in your company and specific products.
  • After the show, we select qualified new contacts with the highest level of interest for you. We exclude people who have already made contact with you.
  • Of course, we only consider TWENTY2X attendees who have consented to tracking and sharing contact information.


Your benefits from participating in a digital form:

  • Extreme flexibility in how you participate
  • Planning confidence in these insecure times
  • Independent of location or time
  • New digital features assure greater visibility and reach
  • New ways to generate leads
  • Partaking in business appointments


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